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About Accounting Log

Welcome to A blog that provides beginners and non-accountants with accounting tutorial, exercises, tips and tricks, best practices, and news digest.

It focuses on the area of Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation.

About Accounting Log

With the knowledge you get here, you will be able to:

  • account any types of financial transactions;
  • compile and present financial statements for any types of businesses;
  • plan, accounts, and file taxes;
  • interprete financial statements of any businesses;
  • analyze the financial performance of a business;
  • prepare and generate financial budget;
  • put in place accounting policies and procedures;
  • set up and use a simple accounting system;
  • put in place an internal control system;
  • audit financial statements;
  • read and interpreting financial statements of any types companies;
  • understand the information that is being presented on it; and
  • use that information to make powerful business decisions.

At a very least, you will be able to conduct a simple bookkeeping process. Such as recording transactions, classifying them, and generating financial statements. Financial statements that accountants can rely on, managers can use, and tax authorities can trust.


In a nutshell, is for you if, you are:

1. an accounting student and wanting to know how accounting works in the real world; OR

2. an entry level staff and seeking answer on how to account a transaction correctly and faster; OR

3. a manager and wanting to know how to use accounting information as a decision-making tool; or

4. a small business owner and looking for guidance on how to setup and use a simple accounting system. Or, how to make a credit policy. Or, how to keep working capital at a safe level. Or, how to put in place internal control system that is capable of preventing risks. And etc.

Accounting LogHi, my name is Dharma Putra, a CPA.

I blog in the accounting and financial topic once a week or twice.

My writing focus on lessons learned from professional experience. A kind of insights and best practices. Sometimes, I also discuss theories, concepts, principles, and standards that affect current practices.

My goal here, other than recording my own experience online, are:

#1. providing beginner and non-accountant with resourceful accounting material;

#2. developing a healthy community where accounting people can share experiences, good and bad;

#3. making friends with pillow accountant and accounting people in general;

Last but not least. If you’re new to accounting, do not get overwhelmed or worry about all unfamiliar terms you read on the website. Think a baby instead; it takes more time to understand any words it hears the first time. In fact, accounting is well known as the language of business. Relax and keep reading. Time after time, you will be speaking the “language of business” fluently.

But, if you get any difficulties accessing the blog, please feel free to shoot me an email []

Where to start?

[Here] starters can go!

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